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OSHF October Lecture Panel

"Trends and Trials for 2020: Relevant Research for Fitness Professionals"

Friday, October 25, 2019
Hamilton, Ontario
Lincoln Alexander Centre

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OSHF members have asked, and we have listened. Based on feedback forms, we are excited to present our 'Trends and Trials' lecture event! This event will focus on a variety of lectures geared towards anticipating the trends in the New Year, and reflects many of the topics members have requested OSHF cover.
Topics this year include:
Exercise, with Dr. Gillen opening the event by covering HIIT, and complemented by Dr. Reed and Dr, Kendall-Reed covering overtraining 
Nutrition, with Dr. Ward discussing nutrition and bone health in the morning and Mr. Williamson tackling diet trends in the afternoon
Cannabis, with Dr. Traylor offering a unique and important lecture covering how cannabis effects the health and fitness profession - a discussion we need to have in the wake of legalization.

Remember to check this page regularly; as OSHF receives more information, we will update this site accordingly.

CSEP: 7.5 PDCs

Event At-A-Glance 
 7:30-8:00  Participant sign-in
 8:00-8:55  Networking and Light Breakfast
 9:00-10:00  Dr. Jenna Gillen: HIIT to Get Fit: Physiological Responses to Interval Training in Health and Disease
 10:05-11:05  Dr. Wendy Ward: Nutrition Trends & Optimizing Bone Health: Advice for Clients


 Dr. Stephen Reed & Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed: Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) – When Hurt becomes Harm
 12:15-12:55  LUNCH


 Eric Williamson: Hot nutrition trends - Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic, Carnivore and the Whole 30 - What works and for who?
 14:05-15:05  Dr. Dan Traylor: The effects of cannabis on exercise performance: Considerations of cannabis use for health and fitness

Please note that there is a five minute session transition between speakers.

Session Overviews

9:00 - 10:00 SPEAKER
HIIT to Get Fit: Physiological Responses to Interval Training in Health and Disease
Jenna Gillen Ph.D
Interval exercise involves alternating periods of relatively intense effort and recovery within a single session. Coaches and athletes have employed the practice for over a century as a means to improve performance. The last two decades have seen a resurgence of scientific interest into the potential for interval training to enhance physical fitness and health. This session will consider the physiological basis of interval training responses, and the practical application of the method in both healthy individuals and people with cardiometabolic diseases.
Dr. Jenna Gillen is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto. She has published numerous peer-reviewed articles investigating how time-efficient exercise strategies can improve health in previously inactive adults and those with obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Her research in this area has been recognized with awards from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and American College of Sports Medicine. Gillen’s research interests include understanding how exercise and nutrition impact carbohydrate and fat metabolism and identifying lifestyle strategies to improve cardiometabolic health.

10:05 - 11:05 SPEAKER
Nutrition Trends & Optimizing Bone Health: Advice for Clients
Dr. Wendy Ward
Can diet be used to slow the effects of aging, particularly in relation to bone health and the development of osteoporosis? We will explore and discuss this question with recent findings from the scientific literature in terms of whole foods and dietary patterns as well as specific nutrients. Consideration of the new Canada’s Food Guide, released earlier this year, will also be discussed.
Dr. Ward is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences at Brock University. Within the Nutrition, Bone and Oral Health Research Group, her team’s overall research goal is to develop dietary strategies that help protect against osteoporosis and fractures, and to understand how diet can promote periodontal health. Using advanced imaging, biomechanical strength testing and biochemical analyses the team investigates how foods and food components such as flaxseed and its omega-3 fatty acid; flavonoids in tea; and soy and its isoflavones impact bone health. Dr. Ward’s team has published many peer-reviewed articles, invited reviews and book chapters on the topic of nutrition and health. She is a Co-Editor in Chief for the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism, Chair of the Research Committee for the Scientific Advisory Council of Osteoporosis Canada, and a Member of the Education Committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society.

11:10 - 12:10 SPEAKERS
Overtraining Syndrome (OTS) – When Hurt becomes Harm 
Dr. Stephen C ReedBM, BCh, MA(Oxford), MSc(Toronto), FRCSC (Orthopaedic Surgery) and Dr. Penny Kendall-ReedBSc, ND (Naturopathic Doctor)
OTS is a major issue for the athletic population. For example, the likelihood of developing OTS is 60% in elite runners and 33% in the non-elite. OTS is the largest cause of performance deterioration among athletes and is associated with numerous physical and mental conditions that pose serious health issues and curtail a promising sports career. In this lecture we will discuss how to identify the early stages of OTS in your clients, along with updated diagnostic criteria and theories of development such as inflammatory overload and chronic stress. We will discuss prevention and treatment and the identification of at-risk individuals. Part of this will entail a discussion of individual genetic markers that you can use in your practice to personalize training, diet and natural supplement regimes.
Dr. Stephen Reed is a Toronto-trained orthopaedic surgeon and a graduate of Oxford University Medical school in England. He is currently on active staff at the Humber River Hospital with a practise focussing on sports medicine with knee and shoulder reconstruction. He is the orthopaedic consultant and co-director of injection therapies at The Toronto SEMI sports clinic. He has obtained specialty fellowship surgical training in England, Australia and at the Orthopaedic and Arthritic Hospital in Toronto, Canada. He has Master’s degrees from Oxford University and the University of Toronto and has published extensively in the orthopaedic literature. Dr. Reed has co-authored five best-selling books with his wife, Naturopathic Doctor Penny Kendall-Reed. 

Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto. As part of her practice she uses genetic analysis to design personalized health programs for her patients. After graduating from McGill University in Neurobiology, she earned her Naturopathic degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine; here she received the Dr. Allen Tyler Award for Most Outstanding Clinician. In 2013 she was voted Naturopath of the Year by her peers and colleagues and in 2018 was the recipient of the top Naturopathic Doctor Award in Canada. Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed is co-author of 5 national bestselling books. She lectures worldwide and is an international medical consultant for Douglas Laboratories and Pure Encapsulation. Dr. Kendall-Reed is a member of the scientific board for Pure genomics.

Hot nutrition trends - Intermittent Fasting, Ketogenic, Carnivore and the Whole 30 - What works and for who?
Eric Williamson, Rd, MSc, CSCS, PhD (C)
Nutrition is one of the most confusing areas to keep track of. It seems each day there is a new diet that is promised to maximize our energy, health and performance while lowering our risk of disease. Could any of these really be the solution to all of life’s problems? And if they do work, who are they most likely to work for and why? Let’s clear up the confusion and dig into the science behind these hot nutrition trends.
Eric Williamson provides individual nutrition coaching and public speaking to a variety of individuals, from those looking for health optimization and body composition changes to elite physical and mental performance. He has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Nutrition and Metabolism, is a Registered Dietitian, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and is a currently a PhD candidate. He recently received the young investigator award at the annual American College of Sports Medicine conference for his contributions to the exercise and nutrition community. Eric has worked with a broad range of clientele including the OHL's Oshawa Generals, the University of Toronto’s varsity basketball teams, Hannah McKeand’s Ultra Endurance Polar Expedition Training Company and hundreds of everyday people juggling busy work and family lives. Eric's goal as a dietitian and nutrition coach is to help people find the most effective nutrition strategies for their health and goals while balancing the many other important areas of their lives to achieve overall success and fulfillment.

The effects of cannabis on exercise performance: Considerations of cannabis use for health and fitness
Daniel Traylor, PhD
This lecture will focus on some critical aspects of the research that has been on cannabis and exercise, and highlight some considerations of cannabis use for health and fitness. The discussion will include a brief discussion on the endocannabinoid system, a review of studies on pulmonary and cardiac outcome measures, and will close with considerations of cannabis use in exercise and team/individual sports.
Dan Traylor has a Ph.D. in Food Technology from Clemson University with research experience in food science, nutrition science, and human physiology. His research has focused on the evaluation of food systems on appetite sensations and skeletal muscle protein synthesis. He is the founder of NSC, Inc., a food technology company innovating dietary protein delivery systems to increase specialty crop consumption while benefiting human nutrition. The novel food products he and his team have developed, include amino acid enhanced confectionaries and enriched protein bars. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the department of kinesiology at McMaster University. He has published more than 20 refereed journal papers.

Event Location

 Hamilton – Lincoln Alexander Centre


Lincoln Alexander Centre
160 King Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1B2




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General Information 

Attire → Attendees should dress casually - lectures will be done in a movie style theatre; please wear comfortable attire. There will be space to move during lunch break.

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