To advance quality health-
and performance-related physical fitness practices.

In 2013, the OSHF mandate broadened. No longer offering certifications, the Society formalized its status as a supporting body for health and fitness professionals – including CSEP professionals – and expanded its membership program to represent a wider range of designations. OSHF offers practitioners an alternative to joining commercial-driven industry associations for continuing education and support. The Society is committed to maintaining its cooperative structure by focusing on high practice standards, knowledge translation, and a quality, evidence-based approach to the fitness profession.


Through the promotion of evidence-based physical fitness practices, OSHF strives to be a recognized source of support for Ontario
exercise professionals and the communities that they serve.

The Ontario Society for Health and Fitness is dedicated to promoting the importance of physical activity and to ensuring that quality physical activity services are available across the province. By supporting exercise professionals, encouraging evidence-based practice, and offering opportunities to enhance knowledge and skills, OSHF strives to achieve excellence in the physical activity industry and in turn, a healthier and more active population.


The Ontario Society for Health and Fitness Board of Directors is comprised of up to seven qualified individuals who represent the interests of exercise and related health professionals across the province. Five Directors are elected by the OSHF membership; two additional directors may be appointed by the Board to enhance collective expertise.