Japanese Head Spa in Mississauga (Toronto, Ontario)

Japanese Head Spa in Mississauga (Toronto, Ontario)


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If you’re looking for a truly luxurious and effective hair and scalp treatment, look no further than the Ontario Society for Health and Fitness (OSHF) in Mississauga. They offer a range of treatments designed to cater to all hair and scalp profiles, including their Restore, Repair, and Replenish treatments. What sets OSHF apart is their use of the YUME SPA system, a cutting-edge technology from Japan that takes their treatments to the next level.

OSHF Hair Spa Treatments

Replenish and Repair: Signature Scacial

The Signature Scacial is more than just a treatment; it’s a sensory experience that detoxifies the scalp, repairs the hair, and replenishes the soul. Using a combination of AHA’s, seaweed extracts, essential oils, and hydrolyzed proteins, this treatment is recommended at least twice a year for all scalp types.

Restore and Repair: Luxury European

For those looking to restore their scalp and repair dry, dull hair, the Luxury European treatment is the way to go. This treatment cleanses the scalp, stimulates microcirculation, and adds an intensive treatment for the hair length. It uses botanical formulas, plant-based keratin, biocymentine, camelina oil, and relaxing massage techniques to achieve optimal results.

Specific Treatments for Hair Loss & Scalp Disorders

Restore: Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a frustrating and emotional issue, but OSHF’s Restore treatment is designed to address it head-on. By stimulating, nourishing, and balancing the scalp using plant stems, pharmacological molecules, essential oils, and medical devices, this treatment can help combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Repair: Sebum Regulating and Associated Issues

Excess sebum production can lead to a host of scalp issues, but OSHF’s Sebum Regulating treatment can help. This treatment cleanses, normalizes, and regulates sebum quality using ingredients like edelweiss, sapphire dust, Guarana, and Azelaic Acid. Medical devices are also used to ensure better penetration and optimal results.

Repair: Dry Scalp and Associated Issues

Dry scalp can be a persistent and uncomfortable problem, but OSHF’s Dry Scalp treatment can provide relief. Using clinically proven formulas, massage techniques, Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, juniper, peppermint, jojoba, Rhododendron, Piroctone olamine, and hydrolyzed collagen, this treatment moisturizes and fights bacteria to treat even complicated scalp issues like Psoriasis.

Head Spa – Japanese Massage Detox

Scalp detoxification is a crucial component of maintaining healthy hair growth and scalp health. By removing toxins, unclogging hair follicles, balancing natural oils, and creating the perfect environment for hair growth, scalp detoxing can work wonders. While it’s possible to do this at home, visiting a professional hair spa like OSHF in Mississauga ensures that you receive the most effective and luxurious treatment possible.

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